Briefly on my trip to Mexico

You know, when you think about visiting some exotic country, you come up with names like Thailand, India or Egypt. But there is actually a cool country with splendid climate and plenty of sights lying just next to us – Mexico! Going there is pretty cheap and no less enjoyable than chilling out on the white-sand beaches of the Pacific. The best thing about this country it is located on the convergence of several natural zones, so everyone is going to find something to one’s liking there. If you are into surfing and diving, there is nothing better than the Caribbean cost. Those reefs are amazing! Those into hiking will find their thrill in the wild forests of Quintana Roo and Sierra mountains. The nature is wonderful, especially those incredible limestone caves.


A beautiful park you should visit


In the end of my vacation, I dropped by at a picturesque natural park called Aktun-Chen. They have this old cenote (that’s how they call caves with water) with stunning stalactites and of course a beautiful underground lake. The ancient Maya believed it was inhabited by spirits. The guide told us they used to come here to invoke god Chaac. He was supposed to send rains over their fields – that part of Mexico is mostly dry land. I haven’t seen any supernatural beings there 🙂 But bathing and snorkeling in the cenote was fascinating! The lake opens right into the jungle, it looks magical with sunlight seeping through, playing on the water surface. But the most thrilling part of my adventure was zip lining!


What’s zip lining?


Zip lining is a cool activity you can’t miss if you ever have a chance to try it! They strap you to a cable stretched high above the ground and send you sliding down on a rope. It’s like flying! Imagine yourself sweeping through the treetops, with the entire jungle spreading below! Plus it’s absolutely safe since the park uses the latest zip lining equipment – here is everything you need to know about this fabulous joy ride in Aktun-Chen. And even though the cost of zip line equipment is probably rather high, you don’t need to strain your budget to afford visiting the park, especially if you take a combo tour that includes:

  • Cave tour
  • Snorkeling in the cenote
  • Zip lining
  • Zoo excursion


I spend a great time there and even took a few pictures with spider monkeys 🙂 So if you want to have a memorable vacation in the heart of Mexico, Aktun-Chen is just the right place for it! And what about your own experience? What places in Mexico would you recommend visiting? Looking forward to your stories!


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